• Laser Cuttings

    Laser Cuttings

    We’ve just had a new shipment of our metal laser cut parts for the leg prototypes. This shipment includes our “ninja-throwing star” hubcap.

  • Logo Competition

    Logo Competition

    We recently ran a logo competition on the website DesignCrowd and are happy to announce our new logo. The winners were Kreative Fingers, although there was close competition from another cute design.

  • Sony Spresense Distributed Computation

    Sony Spresense Distributed Computation

    We’re proud to announce we have been in talks with Sony and have decided to use the Sony Spresense board for the distributed computation on the rover.

  • Edge Impulse

    Edge Impulse

    Robotic Systems Ltd is proud to announce it is receiving backing from Edge Impulse, the leading development platform for machine learning on edge devices. Machine learning on edge devices will enable the rover to perform data processing during operation.

  • Blog Post

    Blog Post

    Our partner’s for this project are Adiuvo Engineering. They have written up a blog post talking about the computer vision and machine learning being planned for the robot. You can read about it on Adiuvo Engineering’s website.